Media: Elena Belova from “Black Widow” will appear in the TV series about Falconrys Eye

Variety reported on the replenishment of the cast of the series about the Falconry‘s Eye Marvel, mentioning the return of Elena Belova performed by Florence Pugh (Solstice) . Her heroine is due for the first time to debut in Black Widow with Scarlett Johansson. And, according to rumors, the spy should also look into the Falcon and the Winter Soldier, and that’s why the studio wanted the series to be released later than Natasha Romanoff‘s tape.

In addition to her, in the series about Clint Barton will appear Vera Farmiga (The Gag), who will play the part of Eleanor Bishop, Kate Bishop’s mother played by Hayley Steinfield (Bumbleby) . Fra Free (Rejected) try on the image of a mercee nicknamed the Clown, and Tony Dalton (Better call Saul) will be a mentor of Barton himself, nicknamed Swordsman.

Also in the story will appear character Echo, played by newcomer Alakva Cox. The premiere of the series on Disney+ is expected in autumn 2021.

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