Media: Fortnite may get feature-length film adaptation

According to media reports, Epic Games is pondering creating a film adaptation of Fortnite as a feature-length picture. Such a decision allegedly formed part of plans for the firms new division, which is responsible for entertainment projects. In addition, the move could be linked to a blow to Epic Games earnings, which has been unable to expand beyond mobile devices.

According to the media, talks about a possible film adaptation of the popular multiplayer game have already been discussed, but there are no conclusions yet. However, it is noted that Epic Games was joined this year by three representatives who used to work at LucasFilm.

One of them, Jason McGatlin, served as a producer on โ€œStar Warsโ€ films and Disney projects, and is now employed at some mysterious Epic Games division. Its possible that hes just busy escaping Fortnite.

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