Media: HBO developing two more Game of Thrones animated spin-offs

According to the media, HBO continues to launch new โ€œGame of Thronesโ€ spin-offs โ€” this time animated. It was previously known that the channel was creating an adult animated series within the George Martin universe. And now two more projects have joined him, though its not a fact that they will reach the finish line.

One of them does not have details at all, and the second one should represent the Yi Ti Empire, a mysterious state in the far east of which legends go. There are huge jungles, and civilization itself is very ancient and highly developed.

Details of the area are scarce, and in the series it was only mentioned. In addition, the channel cancelled the development of one of the series, titled โ€œFlea Endโ€, which was to tell of a very bad and poor area of Kings Landing.

Officially, HBO representatives didnt even confirm the projects existence. At the moment, there are a total of three animated series and several regular series being developed around the universe โ€” Dragon House is the first to be released next year.

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