Media: HITMAN authors work on fantasy game with dragons for Microsoft

The edition of Windows Central reports that the authors of the HITMAN series from the studio IO Interactive are working on a game on new intellectual property, the publisher of which will be Xbox Game Studios. This is a certain fantasy game with dragons, which is still at a very early stage of development. The team is still prototyping, so the game can be significantly redone or cancelled.

Eurogamer also heard about the project, noting that they want to make a large-budget release in the setting of the Middle Ages. Recall that last November IO Interactive announced a game about James Bond, which he plans to publish independently.

The project will receive an absolutely original story and a hero with a unique appearance, and can also become the first part of the trilogy. More on Gamomania Full demo version of Resident Evil Village can already be downloaded on Xbox and PC Rivers of blood, magic and battles with evil โ€” published trailer of Season 4 Castlevania Screenplay Borderlands: Who will perform the roles of Moxie, Ellie, Marcus, Scooter and not only.