Media: in Hogwarts Legacy you can make a trans-inclusive hero — despite Rowling

Jason Schreier, in a fresh piece for Bloomberg, said that the developers of Hogwarts Legacy will allow you to make a trans-inclusive hero. After launching the upcoming novelty, players will have to create their own character in a special editor, where you can separately choose a male or female voice regardless of the body. Then you have to choose the type of magiciansorceress or magician.

It depends on where the hero will be located in the castle and how other characters will address him. Such a possibility contrasts with the scandalous remarks of Harry Potter author Joan Rowling, who has been regarded by many as a transphobe since last summer.

After that, the creators of Hogwarts were worried about the game and wanted to implement as many inclusivity options as possible. At first, some managers resisted, but over time softened their position — in the current version of the game, the editor presents an opportunity to create a transgender hero.

However, Schreyer notes that the game is at least a year before release, so something may change. Hogwarts Legacy was due to come out this year on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series, Xbox One and PC, but recently delayed the release of the project until next year.

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