Media: in Russia, video cards are taken from suppliers by thousands – they do not reach stores

By the end of 2020, the demand for video cards increased again – not only for new models that were already almost impossible to get, but also on the old. This is due to a sharp increase in the price of cryptocurrency โ€” bitcoin, for example, since October has grown almost fourfold, up to 41 thousand dollars apiece. โ€œVedomostiโ€ talked with representatives of electronics stores, where they were told that miners buy video cards by thousands directly from the manufacturer and suppliers – to stores components simply do not get.

Against this background, the few models available for purchase increased sharply in price: the same GTX 1660 rose from 18 to 35 thousand rubles – and even at this cost it is extremely difficult to find on sale. In Russian stores expect that the stir will last at least until the summer.

According to AMD and NVIDIA, in free sale around the world new models of video cards will appear no earlier than April. The establishment of processes, in addition to miners, is hampered by the global pandemic.

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