Media: Jeff Kaplan defended Overwatch team from “corporate crap”

The director and face of the online shooter Overwatch, Jeff Kaplan, has protected his team from the toxic culture of Activision Blizzard and other corporate nonsense. This was reported on Twitter (access to which access is limited) by one of the games producers, Tracy Kennedy. According to Kennedy, until Kaplans departure, Activision Blizzards toxic culture did not have impact on the Overwatch team.

And in his farewell speech, the game director mentioned the cultural problems of Activision Blizzard. As we remember, he urged not to accept the world as it is, but to always see how it could be article.

Activision Blizzards corporate culture and business were putting pressure, and in his opinion, this could jeopardize the game or developers. His philosophy was to protect us from all this, which is why we have formed a great team.

But now the toxicity of the company has become well-known, and many were shocked and decided to leave. Tracy KennedicaPlan left Activision Blizzard in April, depriving the Overwatch team of their protection.

He was not the only key figure to leave the company. After the start of the trial, in particular, announced the resignation of Blizzard President J.

Allen Brack. Jen Oneill has recently left her position as co-chairman of the company, only a couple of months after her appointment.

Before leaving, she announced cases of discrimination, including against her, and rumored that she had no hope of improving the situation within the company. She even got paid less than Mike Ibarra, Blizzards second co-president.

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