Media: Konami tackles new Castlevania

In the fresh release of the podcast VGC, the founder of the publication Andy Robinson said that in recent years Konami is more actively looking for partners to continue their series. About Silent Hill he has already told, and in podcast mentioned the production of the new Castlevania. Unfortunately, he doesnt know any details about the project yet.

Perhaps a novelty is only at an early stage of production. Other interesting details also sounded during the podcast.

For example, the relationship of Sony and Hideo Kojima to the release of Death Stranding โ€œcooled downโ€: during the creation of the corporation management changed – some people signed the project, and have produced already others. The release took place a year or two early.

The situation is similar to Days Gone โ€” Death Stranding sold well and was profitable, but mixed reviews from critics did not correlate to the new development vector PlayStation. In addition, as journalist Christopher Dring notes, in the near future Microsoft does not have major releases from its own studios – presented last year by Fable, Everwild and Perfect Dark are very far from out and, as Dring jokingly notes, โ€œmay be out to the exit of the next Xbox.

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