Media: Lucasfilm has no plans to seek new actress for Cara Dune role

The website of The Hollywood Reporter published material about the dismissal of Gina Carano from Lucasfilm and Mandalortz, where they reveal a number of details from inside the situation. Recall that the actress was fired after a series of scandalous posts on the network and then Carano herself reported on the production of her new film, adding that she was not going to bend under the culture of cancellation . According to THR , Disney was unhappy with Caranos behavior for quite a while, and colleagues of the actress repeatedly warned her about the possible consequences of a confrontation with the studio.

Some puzzled, why Carano even continued to release controversial posts, putting the author of Mandalortz John Favreau in an uncomfortable position. However, the decision to dismiss was made not by Favreau, but the top representatives of Lucasfilm — while Carano learned about all this from social networks.

Before the scandal, representatives of the actress were rumored to have been negotiating to raise her salary and expand her role in the universe with the help of her spin-off. Later, representatives of Lucasfilm denied the second point.

In addition, the studio stated that for the role of heroine Kara Dune would not be looking for another actress, although at first THR sources claimed otherwise. Probably, it will simply be removed from the further narrative.

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