Media: Marvels “Eternal” and “Shang-Chi” May Keep China Hire

According to the media, two new Marvel films, Eternal and Shang-Chi, may not allow to enter the Chinese film proction. Rumors about it have been for some time, but this outcome hints and CCTV channel report, which released eight dates to the upcoming releases of the studio, but the aforementioned two projects are not number. At the same time the channel is under the control of the Ministry of Propaganda of China, which is engaged in the approval of the rental of foreign tapes.

Perhaps the paintings have not passed the standards of local censorship, although there is no official confirmation of this yet. In the case of Eternal, the problem may concern the director Chloe Zhao, who is trying not to mention in the local media because of her old interview, which caused a scandal — in it she called China a place full of lies.

Shang-Chi, however, was accused of nationalism associated with the villain of the same name comics, which many associate with an offensive stereotype. Although it really became the reason for a potential ban of rental – it is unclear, since the character in the film itself is not.

Another possible reason is called that the main actors do not correspond beauty standards of local stars and Marvel thus belittles Asian images. In the Russian rental the premiere of Shan-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings will take place on September 1, whereas Eternal will be released on October 28.

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