Media: MGM bought rights to film adaptation of GameStop stock war book

According to the media, studio MGM acquired the rights to the book โ€œThe Anti-Social Networkโ€ about the โ€œwarโ€ over the shares of the GameStop game store chain. This story unfolded recently when Reddit users started buying up store shares en masse, raising their price significantly. So they refuted Wall Street‘s analytic assumptions, where they predicted a drop in the value of securities.

And on that hedge funds literally began to lose billions of dollars. In the wake of GameStop, shares of other unexpected firms like AMC and Nokia rose, and brokers began restricting securities trading of those companies that were part of the Reddit flash mob.

As a result, the entire story attracted the attention of American politicians and the US government. On the basis of all this story, writer Ben Mezrich decided to write a book โ€” and just the rights to it was acquired by the film studio.

The most interesting thing is that the author started working on the work only recently, many players have already been interested in the rights, but MGM won the fight. Mezrich had previously written a book about Facebook that formed the basis of David Fincher’s โ€œThe Social Network.

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