Media: Microsoft will hold a special presentation in March after buying Bethesda

VentureBeat journalist Jeff Grabb told in his podcast that Microsoft after the completion of the purchase process Bethesda will definitely hold a special show about the joint future. The deal is expected to close in the next couple of weeks, and the information will begin to be shared shortly after — presumably in mid-March. In the framework, most likely, the companys presentations will tell how they will coexist and what fans should expect.

So far, there is no certainty about the future of Bethesda – the publisher seems to continue to release games outside the Microsoft ecosystem, that is, on PlayStation and Nintendo, but each a similar release will be considered separately. More on CCeit Composer DOOM Mick Gordon obliged to use in Atomic Heart Soviet synthesizer WoW: Burning Crusade Classic will match the update 2.

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