Media: “Mission Impossible 8 will not be filmed along with part seven

According to Deadline, the Paramount studio changed plans to shoot the seventh and eighth installments of Mission Impossible. Initially, the studio was going to launch production in such a way that the filming of two paintings went in a row – but the schedule of stars intervened. So, soon Tom Cruise will need to be engaged promotion of the sequel Top Ghana, so he would not be able to immediately begin work on a new Mission.

The premiere of the second Top Ghana is scheduled for July 2, so the break should not be too critical. Now the team completes filming the seventh tape of the franchise – its premiere is scheduled for 19 November 2021.

The eighth part will be released on November 4, 2022. More on Igamania Detective from Chinatown 3 beat the start of Avengers: Final in China Metro: Exodus will be re-released on PC with large-scale graphics improvement — Cosplay Week details: K/DA, Darksiders, Heroes of the Storm, Gwent, Heroes of Sword and Magic V.