Media: Netflix engaged in production of local content for Russia

โ€œKommersantโ€, citing its own sources in the market, reports that Netflix has engaged in the production of local content for Russia. Until now, the service has only bought ready-made series: โ€œEpidemicโ€ ($1. 5 million) and โ€œBetter Than Peopleโ€ ($1 million) .

The first contract has already been signed with the studio 1โ€”2โ€”3 Production (โ€œDyatlova Passโ€, โ€œEpidemicโ€), which will release for the platform a modern version of โ€œAnna Kareninaโ€ . The second project will be a dramatic story about the 90‘s from company โ€œRusskoeโ€.

Mikhail Shpritz is responsible for the screenplay, and the director will be Daria Zhuk, known for the drama โ€œCrystalโ€, which in 2018 was nominated for the Oscar from Belarus. Among other projects, which Netflix discusses, sources call the studio series โ€œHydrogenโ€, directed by Eduard Hovhannisyan (โ€œChikiโ€).

The service also negotiates with the companies โ€œWednesdayโ€, Star Media and Yellow, Black & White. In October last year Netflix signed a partnership with the National Media Group, whose subsidiary The company โ€œEntertainment Online Serviceโ€ acts as the operator of the platform in Russia.

For 2. 5 months, the company’s revenue amounted to 463 million rubles.

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