Media: Netflix has mandatory vaccination of US actors and staff

Media reports say Netflix has become Hollywood‘s first major studio to introduce mandatory coronavirus vaccination. So far, the restriction only applies to projects that are being created within the US, but such measures may be introduced in the UK. Mandatory vaccination concerns all major participants in the production, including actors and staff who work with them in close contact.

Medical, religious and age-related reasons may be exceptions โ€” however, they are โ€œrareโ€. A similar move was made possible because of the introduction of protocols by unions and major Hollywood studios.

This means that other members of the film industry can introduce a similar rule. More on Ghiromania Now Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous can be pre-ordered in Steam, GOOG and EGS PS5 testers can already expand console memory โ€” details of Capcom’s new firmware reports record first quarter.