Media: new Call of Duty is created on Modern Warfare engine

The new Call of Duty by Sledgehammer is created on the basis of the Modern Warfare engine (2019) from Infinity Ward. This is reported by VGC. Until recently, three studios Call of Duty had their own versions of engines: Treyarch has its own – on it came Black Ops Cold War Sledgehammer its own – Advanced Warfare and WWII Infinity Wards own.

However, with the release of Modern Warfare in Activision, it seems that they want to combine the series under a single technology – it is not surprising, the new MW engine was praised by literally everyone. In the rest, VGC confirmed previously known information: the action of the novelty Sledgehammer, which is planned to be called Call of Duty: WWII Vanguard, will unfold during the Second World.

the fate of integrating the shooter with the battle royal Warzone is still in question. On the example of the new Black Ops, it became clear that it is extremely difficult to associate the battle piano with new parts of the series.

On the nose April, and Warzone never appeared a map based on Cold War. However, the transfer of weapons and the overall line of progress are still expected.

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