Media: New Christopher Nolan film to be released by Universal

According to media reports, Christopher Nolans new film about Robert Oppenheimer will be released by Universal. It appears that Nolan has indeed completely severed relations with Warner Bros. following the firms decision to release the major films of 2021 in movies and on HBO Max.

Nolan has been in favor of film distribution for years and treats streaming services without delight. According to sources, the story about Oppenheimers involvement in the development of nuclear weapons has already been approved, and Killian Murphy (โ€œSharp Visorsโ€) could play the lead role.

Though there have been no concrete announcements yet about the caste. The director collaborated with Warner Bros.

for many years, producing โ€œInsomnia,โ€ the Batman trilogy, and so on under its wing. Apparently, after the HBO Max story, Nolan was offered a new spot by Sony, MGM, and Universal โ€” but he chose the latter.

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