Media: New God of War postponed a few months ago

Jason Schreier, amid confirmation of Sonys plans to release Horizon Forbidden West before the end of the year, said that the new God of War was postponed until next year โ€œa few months ago. โ€ Publicly, he believes, this will be told at the next show of the project – to be precise, at the first demonstration, because last fall Sony limited itself only to showing the logo of the sequel and plans for release in 2021. It is worth recalling that actually the new God of War does not even have an official name – many tend to the fact that it will be called God of War Ragnarok, but there is no confirmation of this .

Sony itself for now calls the sequel simply โ€œthe new God of War. โ€ More on CCeit โ€œMajor Thunderโ€ topped the May top views on โ€œKinoSearch HDโ€ Discord updated logo and fonts โ€” players unhappy Katy Perry released a clip featuring Pikachu and Pichu.