Media: Nintendo announces Switch Pro shortly before release

Nintendo on today‘s quarterly report said that in the near future it does not plan to present a new Switch model, rumors about which have been around for a couple of years. According to reputable media, the new console will be the analogue of the PS4 Pro and Xbox One X is a more powerful system within a single console family with a shared library. Switch Pro is expected to receive a new screen, nominal 4K support and other innovations.

As Tom Phillips of Eurogamer notes, Nintendo is announcing a novelty shortly before the start of its sales. Traditionally, the company does this to avoid cannibalizing sales of current iron.

Right now Switch is, by the way, the fastest-selling console in history. In the first 46 months, its sales amounted to 78.

87 million devices, which is higher than the results of other consoles in the same period, whether Wii, PS4 or PS2 โ€” by this point they had between 60 and 72 million consoles sold. The media is still confident that the Nintendo Switch Pro will be released this year.

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