Media: Nintendo set to produce record 30m Switch within a year

The Nikkei Asia edition reports that Nintendo plans to produce a record 30 million Switch by the end of March 2022. If that happens, the consoles total circulation in just 5 years will exceed 110 million โ€” thats more Wii sales. Until the end of the year, there will also be a 4K version of the console on the market, and the overall range will consist of three systems: Switch – standard hybrid model Switch Lite – strictly Portable Switch โ€œProโ€ model is a more powerful hybrid model with 4K.

The current Nintendo console sells only better every year – for example, for 3 financial quarters of last year (data for the latter is still unknown) Switch sales have already surpassed results for the fourth fiscal quarters of 2020. Annual figures for fiscal years: 2017 โ€” 2.

74 million consoles 2018 โ€” 15. 05 million consoles 2019 โ€” 16.

95 million consoles 2020 โ€” 21. 03 million consoles 2021 โ€” 24.

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