Media Oeuvre Award for André van Duin

André van Duin received the Media Oeuvre Award. The racial comedian got the statue in the TV show Time for Max. The prize is an initiative of, a trade platform for media professionals.

Friend and colleague Ron Brandsteder surprised Van Duin in the broadcast with the prize. “How nice“, Van Duin reacted. “How delightful, I had never heard of it.”

Gun factor

The jury praised André van Duin for his multi-faceted, cross-generational career that spans more than half a century. “He is a great folk comedian, but has also amply earned his stripes as a revue artist, singer, actor, presenter and radio and television maker”, says the report, from which Brandsteder quoted.

“I’d like to add a personal word,” said Brandsteder. “I think you get the prize because you have a nice character. Everyone loves you. You’re a loyal friend, you’ll never say anything bad about a colleague and you’re loved by everyone. You have the gun factor.”

More oeuvre prizes

Van Duin has been entertaining his audience for decades with types, jokes, carnival songs and as a presenter.

Here is an impression of his career over the years:

It’s not the first oeuvre prize he’s received. In 2010 Van Duin received the Beeld en Geluid Oeuvre Award, in 2012 the Edison Oeuvre Prize and six years later the prestigious Ere Zilveren Nipkowschijf.

Last year the Media Oeuvre Award went to the founder of Omroep Max, Jan Slagter.