Media: One season of Amazons “Lord of the Rings” costs $465 million

According to the media, only one season of The Lord of the Rings will cost Amazon about $465 million — its the most expensive series ever. Previously, there was information that the total budget of the series for several seasons is $500 million, but it seems that sources underestimated the scale of the show. In addition, the online cinema seems to be plans to shoot five seasons of the series – if the budget remains within the same limits, the project will cost a huge amount.

In addition, unannounced spin-offs may be in development. On the other hand, the authors will not have to re-create many scenery and costumes.

By comparison, one season of Game of Thrones cost in the order of $100m. Such costs of the service will lead to a huge tax rebate on the part of the government, it can amount to about $114 million.

Some even consider the project a risky venture financially. The action of the series will take place in the second era of Middle-earth – the premiere is expected this year, but the deadlines may shift due to the coronavirus.

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