Media: Over the summer, Ubisoft tested a game resembling a mix of Splinter Cell and HITMAN

Yesterday, VGC journalists shared a great news: according to their knowledge, Ubisoft is preparing a full-fledged new Splinter Cell part that could be announced as soon as next year. And now, journalist Jeff Grubb of VentureBeat. He noted that he doesn‘t have exactly the same information, but it’s consistent with what VentureBeat has โ€” Ubisoft tested a game reminiscent of Splinter Cell just before E3 2021.

The testers conducted quite a bit of this โ€œprototypeโ€ (and in fact, vertical slice/training) time, and the cut itself seemed to resemble a mix of traditional Splinter Cell with elements of HITMAN 2016. However, the journalist adds, this does not mean that this is the same project that Ubisoft gave the green light to.

After all, tests like this happen quite frequently. More on Gamermania, Activision Blizzard has laid off more than 20 people in the course of โ€œGuardians of the Galaxyโ€ investigations will take about 80 GB on PC Golden Joystick Awards 2021 nominees announced.