Media: PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo deficits to escalate even more

Bloomberg journalists said that the shortage of consoles will worsen, but then, before the end of the year, the situation should finally improve. According to the media, the shortage may affect even the New Year period holidays – perhaps not everyone will be able to purchase systems. The shortage of components for electronics manufacturing affected almost all areas.

Bloomberg notes that now suffer literally everyone – both the creators of smartphones like Apple, and car manufacturers. The main problem is the shortage of semiconductors that TSMC and Samsung produce.

Demand for them during the pandemic turned out to be so high that firms have to spend more than one year to satisfy it, the media noted. NVIDIA, AMD, Microsoft and Sony indirectly and directly told that the deficit on the products of companies will remain at least until the summer, although AMD does not expect to normalize the situation until the second half of the year.

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