Media: PS Store database has Demons Souls remake for PS4

The PlayStation Game Size fan account, which talks about PS Store database updates, mentioned the mention of Demons Souls remake for PS4 in the Sony store database. โ€œYes, theres Demons Souls in the database for PS4. BUT! This version could have been cancelled, or it may come out soon, or its just for the test.

โ€ The user did not provide evidence like file size. From ourselves, special clients for internal testing usually have special identification codes.

Given the change in PlayStation policy, thanks to the next God of War and Gran Turismo 7 will also appear on PlayStation 4 as well, Sony may well try moving Demons Souls to PS4 as well. More on Gaming First Metro analysis: Exodus for Xbox Series shows trade-offs for racing This summer will release a new feature cartoon by Mortal Kombat Author โ€œFringe of the futureโ€ wanted to make a film with โ€œRoscosmosโ€, but plans were โ€œhinderedโ€.