Media: PS5 shows Britains best start among consoles

VGC sources say that in the first 48 hours the PlayStation 5 set a sales record in the UK. It was bought more than 250 thousand times, and a third of sales came on the console version without a disk drive. As journalists note, all novelties are in large deficit, so with greater availability of the console could show even more impressive results.

Start sales of consoles in the region PlayStation 5 โ€” โ€œmore than 250 thousand consolesโ€ PlayStation 4 โ€” 250 thousand PlayStation Portable consoles โ€” 185,000 PlayStation 3 consoles โ€” 165,000 Xbox Series X consolesS โ€” 155 thousand Xbox One consoles โ€” 150 thousand Nintendo 3DS consoles โ€” 113 thousand Wii consoles โ€” 105 thousand Nintendo DS consoles โ€” 85 thousand Nintendo Switch consoles โ€” 80 thousands of Xbox 360 consoles โ€” 70 thousand Wii U consoles โ€” 40,000 consoles. More on Gambling On Xbox Series found a way to run emulators PS1, PS2, PSP, 3DS, Wii and other consoles Stunts Tom Cruise from โ€œMission Impossibleโ€ repeated with animation Monster Hunter: World in the West and Asia sold better on PC than on PS4 or Xbox One.