Media: Scream 5 authors created several versions of script and film

The authors of the new Scream have created several versions of the script and the film itself as a precaution against leaks. In the latter case, it probably refers to different scenes that did not enter the final version. However, the story really has several options, and the main participants of the cast did not know which one is the real one.

The problem with script leaks is relevant for the franchise, and the most high-profile case occurred with the sequel, when screenwriter Kevin Williamson had to rewrite the story in a tight time. Apparently, the new authors have decided to avoid such failures entirely.

The premiere of the new part will take place on January 14, 2022 – all the main actors of the series will return to the main roles, and the authors of the thriller Im Going to Look will be directed. More on CCeit Now for sure: Cris Tales is released July 20 In the new trailer Sea of Thieves told about the content of the second season Announced F1 2021 – the first Codemasters game under aegis EA.