Media: Sony wants to release remake of The Last of Us alongside part two on PS5

Jason Schreyer took part in the MinnMax podcast from former editors of Game Informer, where he spoke more about his recent material about the future of PlayStation. Much attention was paid to the remake of The Last of Us, which are now being worked on at Naughty Dog. However, Schreier argues that the main goal of the project is to bring the combat system and other gameplay features of the original to the level of part two in order to release a set with a sequel for the PS5.

Some worried that the actors will be called to re-record the replicas, however, according to Schreyer, the remake team is not going to do it – here everything will be left as it is. One of the key reasons to engage in a remake at Naughty Dog was the lack of goals for most of the studio โ€” while Neil Drakmann and other leading specialists come up with the concept next big project, the rest of the team needs to do something.

This โ€œsomethingโ€ was the remake. In addition, for many in ND it is much easier to work on a more modern version of the first The Last of Us after the complex development of the sequel, when many ideas were constantly changing and had to adapt under the succeeding leadership commands.

Now the studio, among other things, is working on a multiplayer game across the universe โ€” it seems likely to be a separate release outside the upcoming compilation The Last of Us: Part I and Part II for PS5. Perhaps, by the way, that‘s why the sequel to โ€œOne of Usโ€ never got any special improvements for the PS5 โ€” ND is working on a native version of the sequel.

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