Media: the next Battlefield could be a heroic shooter

Battlefield 2042 has ample reason to criticize, and one of them was the change of classes to specialists. Players have already suspected that this was done with the aim of introducing paid skins. But, according to Tom Henderson, this is just one of the reasons.

A well-known journalist, insider and source of many leaks reported that the upcoming part of Battlefield will be a heroic shooter modeled on Overwatch or Apex Legends. Specialists will not only be discharged, they will be further developed.

And from the very beginning, Battlefield 2042 was conceived as a transition to a battle royale with the participation of heroes, it just went out of hand badly. Henderson admits that his statement should be treated with a share of criticism.

However, he has heard of these prospects, and everything that has been going on with the game in recent days only confirms it. Currently, work on the next Battlefield has just begun, and if 2042 will fail completely, this could be a signal for change.

The experiments were previously conducted with the Battlefield Heroes spin-off, tailor-made in the manner of Team Fortress 2. But the big games have always followed a common course.

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