Media: The sequel to “Venoma” may not be released in China because of the statements of Tom Hardy

Variety drew attention to the fact that the sequel Venoma, which was released in the world last October, has not yet received a release date in China. According to rumors, the film may not reach China at all due to old interviews Tom Hardy, which he gave in 2012. Then he admitted that he had seen only one film with Marlon Brando – Tea Ceremony.

Hardy remarked that Brando played the role of Chinese in it, which caused laughter among the audience. At the same time, the action of the film itself actually developed in Japan.

Later, he repeated his words in another interview, adding that everyone is wrong when the question of Brandos questionable casting in The Ceremony was raised. The actor was praised for his straightforwardness, but Hardy remarked that if China invades us in 15 years with its own order, the situation with freedom of speech could change.

According to the actor, many did not realize that America was mired in debt, and China was one of the creditors. In the process, Hardy also joked that all locals would have to speak Cantonese.

Many Chinese representatives considered the actors remarks racist and offensive, criticizing these statements. It is possible that it is because of them that the sequel Venoma will not be released in the country.

This will be a major financial blow to Sony, as the first film collected 269 million in China – more than in the US (214 million). In total, Venoms fees amounted to $856 million worldwide.

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