Media: the tenth part of the franchise “Saw” was launched into development

According to Production Weekly, Twisted Pictures studio has already launched a tenth of Saw into development. There are no details yet other than the name itself — SAW X. Due to confusion in the description, some suggested that director James Wang would return to work on the project, but this does not seem to happen.

It is unclear whether the film will be another relaunch in the manner of the new Spiral or the story will affect the fate of some past characters of the series. Perhaps if Spiral successfully shows itself in the rental, the new film will simply continue the events of this picture.

The fresh tape of the series starring Chris Rock in the title role tells the story of a police detective who begins investigating murders reminiscent of Constructor‘s work — though the latter seemingly should be already dead. The picture is released on May 13, directed by Darren Lynn Bowsman, who worked as a production designer on parts 2, 3 and 4 of the franchise.

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