Media: Total War authors are working on an action movie in the Warhammer universe

Creative Assembly Sofia studio at the end of last year completed the active development of Total War Saga: Troy. And now the company has published a new selection of job ads, according to which the team has started working on a fantasy adventure game from a third person. a vast fictional world in an epic fantasy universe.

The future game should be in a medieval setting, with a dark and realistic environment. Players will find a fundamentally new third-person game on the Unreal Engine 5 engine using hand-to-hand combat.

Candidates are required to have experience working with live services, as well as familiarity with the games of the Total War series, especially Total War: Warhammer. Presumably, the Total War Saga: Troy team is working on a new a third-person fantasy game, and it could be a Total War: Warhammer III spin-off.

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