Media tried “Mercenaries” from Resident Evil Village — thats what they say

IGN managed to visit Capcoms office and try out Mercenaries for Resident Evil Village, whose return has long been requested by fans of the series. The journalists did not tell anything fundamentally new about the regime, but shared their impressions. So, developers make a big bet on the ability to create unique builds for each player – this is done through skills and weapons improvements.

If desired, you can even make a working pumping through a knife – so that the hero quickly runs with huge health and dealt huge damage. In addition, after moving to a new zone, a local merchant Herzog can sell all the weapons and focus on upgrading one.

In Mercumniki from RE Village before the end of the timer you need to kill a certain number of enemies (not necessarily all) and then complete the desired goal – after that you can go to next location. For each action, the player is given points.

Resident Evil Village is released May 7 on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series, Xbox One and PC. From 2 to 10, a 60-minute demo will be available, and access to the Mentaries will be opened after passing the story campaign.

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