Media: Ubisoft leaves a lot of employees, and this affects the development

Axios published an article on the problems within Ubisoft, namely, a series of employee departures from the company. โ€œThe Great Exodusโ€ or โ€œcut arteryโ€ is how Ubisoft describes the โ€œprocessionโ€ of developers who have passed away in the last 18 months. What is the situation inside the company? Famous developers with extensive experience leave – 5 people who worked on Far Cry 6 and 12 who worked on Assassin‘s Creed Valhalla.

By the way, the thirteenth returned to Ubisoft not so long ago. Other workers are also leaving studios in Montreal and Toronto over the past six months.

Two employees admitted that the layoffs affected the projects โ€” development either slowed down or stopped altogether. One developer said that he was contacted by a colleague working at Ubisoft with a request to solve a problem with the game – he just didn’t have a single person around him Among the reasons for leaving, employees cite low wages, frustration with creative direction, anxiety about how Ubisoft handles scandals, better deals on By the way, a recent survey within the company about whether employees are satisfied with their working position showed a result of 74 points – according to a Ubisoft representative, this the indicator can be considered โ€œaverageโ€ throughout the industry.

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