Media: Universal bought new ‘Exorcist’ trilogy for $400m

According to media reports, Studio Universal and streaming service Peacock have acquired the rights to the new โ€œExorcistโ€ (or โ€œThe Exorcist Devilโ€) trilogy. The deal amount, according to sources, is from $400m, related to Netflix‘s purchase of sequels โ€œGet Knivesโ€ for $465 million. The official announcement is supposedly due to take place as early as this week.

One reason for such spending was the desire to compete with other streaming services, and another was a decline in audience numbers in cinemas due to the pandemic. That being said, a similar deal surprised some, as Peacock is not particularly popular.

The new film will not be a remake, but it will return Ellen Burstyn, who played the mother of an obsessed girl in the 1973 original. In addition, Leslie Odom Jr will play in the picture.

(โ€œHamiltonโ€) โ€” The latter will perform the role of the father of the new victim, who seeks help from the heroine Burstin. David Gordon Green, who handled new parts of โ€œHalloweenโ€, is responsible for the production.

The first film in the trilogy will be released in the second half of 2023, whereas the remaining parts may appear on the streaming service. More on CCeit The Lord of the Universe video with explanations of the finale โ€œdrowned outโ€ in dislikes One of Sumo Digital’s directors passed away at age ; Lucasfilm, 53, hired Youtubers who created dipfacks on โ€œMandalorzโ€ and Star Wars.