Media US has not yet obtained ‘worst and most vindictive presidential debate’

Even after a nights sleep, the Americans have not yet finished talking about the first TV debate between President Trump and his challenger Biden.

Last night, the two presidential candidates crossed swords for an hour and a half – even though, according to The New York Times, a real debate did not come off the ground. CNN calls it the โ€œworst and most vindictive presidential debate in American historyโ€ in a new analysis.

It was therefore a presidential debate full of reproaches and reproaches, sometimes with harsh personal attacks. Already in the first five minutes Biden was called a socialist and Trump was called a clown.

CNN further writes that Trump broke all the rules in the debate, tried to bully his challenger, and rolled over Fox Newss debate leader Chris Wallace with lies, โ€œacting like an excited live version of his trolling Twitter feedโ€. Half a day after the debate, Fox News writes precisely about how Biden was pushed into the defense by Trump with harsh attacks on law and order policy.

Missed debate? Check out our summary here:

Early this morning, immediately afterwards, the media agreed that the debate had been derailed. Fox News described the debate as a โ€œbar fightโ€. According to commentator Howard Kurtz, the debate got out of hand several times and Wallace had to do everything possible to point Trump and Biden to the rules for the debate.

The news channel, also the moderators reporter, believes that Wallace โ€œplayed the role of a wrestling referee rather than that of a moderatorโ€.

Fox News is traditionally seen as the channel most on the Presidents hand. The station now states that the debate degenerated into attacks on Joe Bidens son and โ€œchildish scoldingโ€. The news channel also emphasizes that Biden, in turn, called the president a โ€œclownโ€ and a โ€œliarโ€.

Howard Kurtz on the debate:

CNN political analyst, Dana Bash, called the debate in her analysis a โ€œshit-showโ€. โ€œSorry to describe it a little rough, but its the only description I can come up with for this evening.โ€ She wonders aloud whether, through this debate, Americans want to vote.

CNN also emphasizes President Trumps โ€œavalanche of liesโ€. According to the American news channel, Biden could also be caught with a few mistakes.

CNN on the first election debate:

A political commentator from news channel MSNBC calls the debate a disgrace to democracy in the US. โ€œSuch a debate should not take place in a democracy,โ€ says analyst Rachel Maddow.

Rachel Maddow of MSNBC on the election debate:

The media landscape in the US is already as divided as the political landscape. Fox News often shows a conservative side and on the other side of the media landscape you have the progressive MSNBC. CNN is more between these two stations, but the American variant of CNN is not comparable to CNN International, a more nuanced transmitter.

CCEIT correspondent Lucas Waagmeester is also surprised at the end of the debate on the analyses in the American media: