Media: Vicarious Visions working on Diablo II remake and StarCraft II team disbanded

Activision announced yesterday that Vicarious Visions had become part of Blizzard, and today Jason Schreier released a small investigation on Bloomberg about the situation. It turns out that for several years Team 1 inside Blizzard had been working on a remake of Diablo II. This is the team responsible for the original Warcraft III, StarCraft II, Heroes of the Storm and the recent reissue of Warcraft III โ€” Reformed.

The journalist managed to study the documents that the developers created after the failed release of Warcraft III: Reformed, where experts tried to find the causes of what happened – they were treated bad planning, mutual misunderstanding and financial pressure from managers. An example of the latter called the fact that pre-orders for reissue began to collect a few months after the announcement, although by that point no one called even the approximate release date of the project.

Team 1 tried to take into account these errors when working on the remake of Diablo II, but soon after the formation of the document on Reformed, the team was removed from the project – it was replaced by a branch working over Diablo IV. In addition, the remake has been engaged in Vicarious Visions for some time.

Now the game is known as Diablo II: Resurrected. But the most shocking news occurred on October 15, 2020: Blizzard decided to reorganize the entire Team 1 division.

However, it rather looks like disbanding the branch: some of the employees found new places inside Blizzard, and another went to free bread. It is noted that some of the left left to work for former colleagues in the studio like Frost Giant and Dreamhaven โ€” the latter was organized by the former head and co-founder of Blizzard Mike Morheim.

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