Media: Xbox Series X/S revealed most successful start among Microsoft consoles in England

The VGC publication reports that the Xbox Series showed the most successful start among Microsoft consoles in the UK. Approximately 155,000 new generation consoles were sold on the first day. It is noted that the UK is the second largest market for Xbox after the United States.

Sales of Xbox Series X and S could be higher if more consoles were available in stores. At the moment, the new generation has sold out in all the major networks.

The most popular model was Xbox Series X. It accounted for two-thirds of the start sales.

Previously the record belonged to Xbox One — 150 thousand in the first two days. Sales of consoles in the region for the first 48 hours PS4 – 250 thousand PSP consoles – 185 thousand PS3 consoles – 165 thousand Xbox Series consoles – 155 thousand Xbox One consoles – 150 thousand consoles.

Recall that Microsoft itself does not intends to share Xbox Series sales figures so that the team focuses on the number of players. However, the company still shared the statistics of the start of sales of new consoles.

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