Medieval Dynasty authors share game development plan

Polish studio Render Cube released from early access its Medieval Dynasty simulator, well received by players: the game is gathering very positive reviews on Steam. According to the developers, about 600,000 copies of the game have been sold so far, and 850,000 more players have put the game on their wishlist. Medieval Dynasty‘s creators plan to repeat Green Hell’s success: the project demonstrated its greatest sales after leaving early access, namely after the release of cooperative mode.

At the moment, Green Hell has a circulation of more than 5 million copies. The studio has already shared its immediate plans for how to develop and expand its game.

Developers will add a third-person view for those who experience negative sensations when moving around. We will also be given more opportunities to decorate our home and village.

The buildings will include windmills and new pets. There will be more interaction opportunities with the heirs, including special quests.

There will also be more armor, coats of arms, shields and other gear. This year, Render Cube got all the rights to Medieval Dynasty, including source code and porting rights.

And the console release has already been announced, but developers have not yet named the exact list of platforms. Currently Medieval Dynasty is available on PC and sold in all major stores.

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