Medieval GTA Rustler release date named in ‘live’ trailer

Polish studio Jutsu Games, which operates with support from Games Operators and Modus Games, named the early access release date as its โ€œmedieval GTAโ€. The comedy adventure Rustler will be available on Steam 18 February. By the announcement of the premiere date, developers timed a special trailer featuring live actors.

It shows an ordinary episode from the life of the Guy, our protagonist: stealing a horse, chasing from the guard, fighting with pursuers and receiving money for the delivered animal. waiting in Rustler, can get acquainted with the free prologue.

It is not particularly related to the main story campaign, but demonstrates the main features of the game. Developers try to give players maximum freedom in a parody sandbox filled with a variety of clichรฉs of games in open world.

The guy wants to make his way up, gaining a position in the kingdom, but the way he has to choose ourselves. More on Gambling Garbage, mercees and androids in Netflix‘s โ€œSpace cleanersโ€ trailer The release of free add-ons for Cyberpunk 2077 seems to have postponed Sale in the PS Store: Assassin’s Creed, Death Stranding, Yakuza, Resident Evil and Others.