Mega-crimp economy in the Haarlemmermeer region

The Haarlemmermeer region, with the aviation industry and Schiphol at its core, has been hit hardest by the corona crisis of all regions. The economy shrank by about 28 percent

The Dutch economy experienced an unprecedented contraction of 9.3 percent in the second quarter. However, the economic downturn differs widely from region to region. In some regions the contraction was much more severe, in others it was less, according to Statistics Netherlands’ calculations for the more than fifty regions

Horeca and care

In Amsterdam and IJmond the economy shrank by 13 percent. In Haarlem, South Limburg and Central Brabant the decline was 11 percent. In these regions, the hotel and restaurant sector and health care accounted for most of the shrinkage. The hospitality sector was largely closed and in the health sector many appointments, treatments and operations were postponed. The travel sector, the cultural sector, the temporary employment sector and the industry also suffered from dropout and relapse.

In the Almere and Delfzijl regions the economic damage was limited to less than 6 percent shrinkage. In Almere, the well-functioning leasing companies ensured that the decline was limited.

In the eastern and southern regions of Zuidwest-Overijssel, Twente, Achterhoek and Midden-Limburg, the shrinkage was about 9 percent. In these regions there is more industry, which has been hit harder than financial services and ICT, which are located more in the western regions.