Mega Operation “Save the Sea Turtle” in freezing Texas

The freezing winter weather in Texas has led to a massive evacuation. Not from people, but from turtles. Thousands and thousands of animals have been removed from the sea.

The cold, up to -22, raided Texas. Millions of households would be without power. And the worries about sea turtles are great. The authorities, as well as volunteers and nature organisations, are involved in the large-scale operation, with images of thousands of animals that are warming up on trunks and in shelters, beside each other.

The organization Sea Turtle Inc. has saved at least 2500 animals. At care locations on South Padre Island, the turtles are warming up. There is no place left tonight, says a volunteer, according to Metro. Unfortunately, the power was out at that time.

The turtles are taken out of the water as numb.

Their body goes into a kind of hibernation when temperatures lie low for a long time. Thats dangerous. The animals are often in listless condition, float on the surface and need to be quickly brought to safety.

The saviors are welcomed as heroes. A guy named Laura shares a photo that her retired mother sent in. The trunk is completely full. Among other things, she saved a turtle over 100 years old and from over 350 pounds! The mother got 120,000 likes.