Mega results and good news for shoppers: FIFA 21

It is the moment of the year that many football fans have been waiting for: FIFA 21 is out. After a week of playing it is high time for a round-up.
After the previous edition was critically criticized, developer Electronic Arts (EA) hopes to shut the critics up with FIFA 21. The new game guarantees hours of fun with FUT, Volta or Career Mode, but for most people its all about beating your best friend, Big brother or colleague. We noticed these eight cases after a week of FIFA 21.
1. We start with great news for FIFA people who don
t shy away from flying tackle or do not control their frustrations in the event of a backlog: direct red cards are rare. In particular, hard tackles on the midfield are not easily punished with red.
2. Since time immemorial, it has been the most important statistics in FIFA: speed. This game is no different. Fast – and even relatively slow – attackers are hard to catch up when they are through it. It is also advisable to draw up fast defenders.
3. Scoring is smoother: shots where you think they should go in, actually go in. Since in most cases the advantage lies with the attackers, matches with six, seven or eight goals are the rule rather than the exception.
4. While in the previous edition many controller flew through the room with an opponents goal, defending in FIFA 21 now feels more realistic and rewarding. Shots are checkered faster and no longer go through your players legs every day.

5. Nevertheless, defending has also become more difficult in many ways. Its no longer possible for the AI to do everything. Now you really have to go to jail yourself: get in, win duels, put pressure. Its one of the explanations for the big results.
6. Attacking FIFA players can indulge themselves: the new Agile Dribbling makes it easier for players with a good dribble to pass opponents, only by withholding R1. Lionel Messi and Neymar are kings in this, but any player in the game can do it.
7. FIFA has also added Directed Runs to the attackers arsenal. This gives you more control over the timing and direction of the other players on the pitch. And this is how you do it: L1/LB and the right stick move in the direction you want to send your fellow player.
8. In FIFA 20, it was practically impossible to score with a headball. This is now fixed: the props are more accurate and headballs can now be given a direction by yourself. Good news for the opportunists!