“Meghan treated as badly as Diana.”

According to fans of the wildly popular Netflix series The Crown, there are quite a few similarities between the late Princess Diana and her daughter-in-law Meghan Markle. According to them, Meghan would have had as difficult hazing as Diana did. This reports OK! Magazine.

The British royal family has treated Diana terribly. When you look at the new season of The Crown, your stomach just turns around. It is terrible what she had to endure at a very young age. But while you think that that family would have learned something from that, the opposite turns out to be true. Because history repeated itself when Meghan entered Harrys life, says a source against the magazine.

Through social media fans of The Crown expressed their displeasure. Charles and Camilla should be ashamed of what they did to Diana. William and Kate are actually just as bad by publicly dropping Harry and Meghan so hard. The whole family has a stitch loose, if you ask me, writes a follower.

Another follower responds: With Meghan, it was even worse if that was possible at all. I understand very well that Harry wanted to remove his wife from this negative, racist environment, in which she could never do anything right in the eyes of the English people.

The British royal family itself would be furious at the new season of The Crown. According to insiders, because the screenwriters, as they admitted, filled in certain scenes at their own discretion, a very, only two-dimensional, Hollywood version of the events within the palace would have emerged.