Meijer: ‘Chances are he’ll get on the couch, weird if Cillessen doesn’t play here’

Mattijs Branderhorst would like to compete with Jasper Cil lessons at NEC. The 28-year-old goalie is likely to disappear to the bench despite a good season, but he is not disappointed by the arrival of Cillessen.
This is what trainer Rogier Meijer says in conversation with Voetbal International. โ€œInitially, he wants to compete with Jasper. Furthermore, we haven‘t really thought ahead yet. At the beginning of the preparation, the name of Cillessen fell once, but that never became concrete. Mattijs did think about what that would mean for him.โ€
Meijer admits that Branderhorst will most likely sit on the couch due to the arrival of Cillessen. โ€œThat chance is good, yes. It would be crazy if a goalkeeper of the Dutch national team sits on the bench here.โ€ Nevertheless, an exit from Branderhorst is not an issue. โ€œWe first have to see how things develop when Jasper is fully connected,โ€ the coach is clear.
โ€œPity for Mattijs? That’
s not the right word. From a very black and white point of view, it is like this: if we have a good right-winger and we can get a better one, we will do that tooโ€, Meijer continues. โ€œAs a club and as a trainer, we try to get the best team. This situation occurred and we were able to act as a club. We haven‘t forgotten Mattijs’ performance, but this is a new season. Other things happen in that, especially in top sports.โ€