Meley comedy Keanu Reeves

By now we know him mainly as the action star from Speed, The Matrix and John Wick, but Keanu Reeves broke through with a completely different role, which he replays in Bill & Ted face the music.

In Bill & Teds excellent adventure (1989) he played a clumsy duo together with Alex Winter, which was given a time machine to save both their school exams and the world. The fact that the fifties are now returning to their roles is especially nice news for the cult hangs.

Almost thirty years after Bill & Teds bogus journey, the first sequel, the silly heroes still have to write their world-leading musical hit. Problematic, because they have been smudged away by their audience for years, and in 77 minutes the universe will end. Hoping that their success track will be ready in the future, Bill and Ted will take the time machine to stalk their older versions. Meanwhile, their teenage daughters travel to the past, trying to get Jimi Hendrix and Mozart for the perfect band.

The fans also make a time journey, full of winks to the previous films and with a guarantee of humour of the faintest category. Unfortunately, there are too few new jokes. For example, the fun of a killer robot, who makes the wrong victims to his own fear, is milked out to annoyance. The disadvantage is that many similar films have appeared in the meantime. With mealy, but better executed comedies like Dude wheres my car? and The pick of destiny, Bill and Ted seem to have been overtaken by history.

✭✭ (2 out of 5)

From now on on view via Pathé Home.