Member of Parliament Van der Plas (BBB) goes on a working visit again after threats

Member of Parliament Caroline van der Plas (BBB) resumes her work outside the home. Her party reports that measures have been taken around her personal security, allowing her to perform in the media again. Only larger public appearances, such as at events with large groups of people, she does not do yet.

Van der Plas canceled all media appearances and work visits outside the door last week after receiving death threats. In the meantime, she has held discussions with the National Counter-Terrorism Coordinator, the security of the House of Representatives and the police. This has led to โ€œextra security measuresโ€ being taken for her personally and in and around her home.

So far, Van der Plas does not want to say anything about the nature of the threats. Last week, she did say that โ€œnot tenderโ€. She later added: โ€œZero farmers have personally threatened meโ€.