Memories of Van Raaij: ‘Tattooed PSV lunatics allowed him to sing ‘

Erik van Muiswinkel is sad after the death of Harry van Raaij. The comedian persisted the former chairman of PSV several times and that was also liked by Van Raaij himself, creating a bond between the two.

Van Muiswinkel wrote the foreword in the biography about Van Raaij and was invited on his 65th birthday. โ€œI understood that his wife also liked my type,โ€ says the comedian in front of the Algemeen Dagblad. โ€œMaybe that helped. Harry was by far my most sporty victim. Willem van Hanegem and Dick Advocate finally laughed at how they were imitated, but they had more trouble with it.โ€
Van Raaij was loved by the supporters of PSV and the comedian has respect for that. โ€œOnce we walked off the field together, we headed towards the hard core of the club. There were 8000 tattooed PSV lunatics singing to Harry van Raaij. He hasnt been president there for about 12 years. It was two golden minutes. You feel the reputation he had in football. There are very few presidents who were so popular.โ€