Memphis also sees field-stormer storming: ‘Other situation than Virgil’

Memphis Depay saw a young field-stormer in the final phase of the game against Montenegro. The attack leader just let it happen and posed for a selfie, he said afterwards.
Memphis had learned that colleague Virgil van Dijk โ€” when he gave an interview after the match against Norway โ€” also received a ‘visit’. โ€œYou know it doesn‘t belong. But yeah, if he’s there… โ€œ, Memphis said talking to deCCeit. โ€œThat‘s very different from the previous game at Virgil. If someone walks in my blind spot with me, I’m also like: jo, effe distance. I think you should judge those two situations differently.โ€
So the maker of two goals against Montenegro thought it was best when he saw a phone in the selfie stand before him. โ€œI saw him coming from a long distance, I had already prepared for it.โ€

Memphis about the slightly too enthusiastic young fan: โ€œYou know it doesn‘t belong, but if he’s there anyway…โ€ I saw him coming from a long distance, which is very different from what happened last game at Virgil.โ€ #NEDMON
โ€”Ceit Football (@Football) September 4, 2021