Memphis candid: “During the test, I saw the doctors eyes get bigger”

Memphis Depay will probably never forget Sunday, December 15, 2019. That‘s the day the attacker of the Dutch team got badly injured at Olympique Lyon and threatened to miss the European Championship. He ended up in a difficult period.
Memphis played with Lyon against Stade Rennes and got badly injured on his knee, even though he thought it was easy at first. I wasn’
t familiar with the injury and played for up to 20 minutes, says Memphis in ‘With Both Legs’, a personal documentary.
It was waiting for the whistle so I could go to the locker room. During the test, I saw the doctor‘s eyes get bigger. I thought fuck, this isn’t good man. I was breaking records for myself, I was captain.. That went through my head first. I thought, if this is true, I‘ll be out for a long time, says Memphis.
Memphis wanted clarity as soon as possible. The European Championship turned out to be unachievable I told us to make an MRI. They wanted to do that the next day, but I said, we’
re going to make an MRI now, why wait? I want it now. I drove home myself. The news said everything they thought I had. I don‘t read it, but I get to deal with it because my mom calls right away. I had a hard time at the time and let my tears run wild.
Mother Cora says she got emotional when she heard her son was bad and threatened to miss the European Championship. I find it painful to hear my mother cry anyway and am someone who comforts. If you hear someone crying hard on the phone, I’
ll take that too.